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Robert Sisson Trial Lawyer

Robert Eliot Sisson is a Criminal Law Attorney

We All Want A Winner On Our Side and The Record Shows Robert Eliot Sisson, Attorney at Law is Just That Winner. Robert Eliot Sisson is a winning Trial Attorney. 

No Matter the Circumstances, we will treat you with Caring and Respect and Represent Your Case Aggressively and Effectively. Our Reputation and History of Success speaks for itself and Is Proven by going to and looking at the Cases Handled by Robert Eliot Sisson. 

Our Consistent Track Record of Fighting and Winning Through Hard Work and Dedication to Purpose is What Every Client Wants and Needs and This Means You.

Just Ask and we will be happy to provide Specific Examples of our Superior Skills in Action. 

For instance, in a recent rape case, Robert Eliot Sisson employed the services of the Expert Who Wrote the Book for Sexual Assault Examiners who agreed that the Client Did Not Commit Rape. The rape case was dismissed. Other like experts did not even think the Expert Who Wrote the Book took defense cases. Robert Eliot Sisson does not care what the others think.  Robert Eliot Sisson Cares What His Clients Think. Most Importantly, Robert Eliot Sisson Cares about the Outcome of his Clients case. Period.


Over 30 years experience

Robert Eliot Sisson has won Murder cases. 

Mr. Sisson has won many Domestic Violence and other Violent Crime cases. 

Mr. Sisson has won many DUI cases, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking and Drug Manufacturing cases. 

Mr. Sisson has convinced a Judge to suppress/throw out evidence in many cases. 

Robert Eliot Sisson is experienced and effective in handling the Tough Cases that scare other lawyers. Robert Eliot Sisson Wins Cases that the other lawyers said were Impossible to Win. Robert Eliot Sisson Likes Hard Cases. 

Robert Eliot Sisson is proven to Handle High Profile Cases Discretely and Appropriately.

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Mr. Sisson accepts all Major Credit Cards. 

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